2019-20 Puke Moolelo Mahina

Will be available Mahoehope 2019

2019 -2020

 Puke Moolelo Mahina

The 2019 - 20 Puke Moolelo Mahina runs from Gregorian dates:

28 October 2019  - 15 October 2020

These dates encompass the Hawaiian lunar months of :

Welehu - Ikuwa

These malama mark the beginning and end of a traditional makahiki season

Puke Mo‘olelo Mahina is a planner that is based on both the Gregorian (solar) and Hawaiian lunar calendars. The Gregorian calendar utilizes months and weeks, while the Hawaiian lunar calendar utilize a different system for time keeping. We have incorporated the lunar phases and terms that are used by the people of Hawaiʻi. The purpose of this planner is to acquaint, and perhaps reacquaint, its user with the Hawaiian names and order of the moon phases. In addition to the Hawaiian moon phase names, we have also included the Hawaiian month names. Each month begins with the moon phase named Hilo, and finishes with Muku. The Gregorian and Hawaiian months do not align for every month, so there is overlap of Hawaiian months into two Gregorian months and vice versa. The names of each Hawaiian lunar month are place based. This calendar corresponds with information gathered about the island of Hawaiʻi.